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Brazil Develops More Stringent Biosafety Standards, Partners with WorkingBuildings

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Allison Sudholt, LEED GA
+1 678-990-5369

ANBio is working to develop a program, BioSelo (BioSeal), which will audit and help manage/controls biosafety issues in hospital and laboratory environments. WorkingBuildings is working closely with ANBio to make this program as effective as possible. Though currently a voluntary program, BioSeal will be implemented throughout all Brazilian hospitals and laboratories with the backing of many government and regulatory agencies. WorkingBuildings’ laboratory compliance division is working closely with ANBio to help advance BioSeal program and the goals of the Brazilian government.

In addition to partnering with ANBio, WorkingBuildings is proud to announce that they will now be providing laboratory programing, compliance and commissioning services throughout Brazil. WorkingBuildings is honored to have the opportunity to help assist the Brazilian Healthcare and Laboratory facilities into becoming the safest in all of the Latin Americas and a source of information for the world health care community. . WorkingBuildings’ service offerings will include Project Programming, Quality Assurance, Sustainability Development, Construction Management, Commissioning, Operations and Management, Energy Optimization, and software tools for all the management of quality assurance, facility operations, and sustainability goals.

President and Chief Executive Officer of WorkingBuildings, Michael L. Weiss, has spent the last several years working with several international governments, including Brazil, to develop more stringent biosafety standards throughout the world. His experience working closely with ANBio has familiarized him with the challenges facing Brazil in regards to their biosafety. Says Michael of the ANBio program, “ We are excited to be joined in this partnership with ANBio. Not only is this organization working to develop a thorough certification to ensure laboratory and hospital safety throughout the country, but they are doing an excellent job of garnering government and public support for the BioSeal certification. I am excited to be part of this exciting time in Brazil and to help the future of biosafety develop.”

In addition to partnering with ANBio, will be a member of the Scientific Committee for the AnBio Biosafety Congress. Michael, along with several senior WorkingBuildings team members, will be teaching courses about containment principles and facility design of BSL3 labs at this year’s congress, held in Salvador, Bahia from September 23-27, 2013.

The National Biosafety Association-ANBio was created in 1999 by a group of scientists concerned with disseminating information about the advances of modern biotechnology and its control mechanisms, which are fundamental for technological incorporation and simultaneous preservation of our biological diversity. During its 12 years of existence the ANBio has worked in partnership with national and international entities such as the Center for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health-NIH, the World Health Organization-WHO Biosafety international companies such as American Biological Safety Association, ABSA, the Europena Biosafety Association and most other 40 entities Biosafety in the world. More information is available at www.anbio.org.br.

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