WorkingBuildings provides specialized services for all aspects of the built environment. Whether you are planning a single building, a campus, or even a city, we focus on team building and total project improvement. From the outset, we apply our life cycle knowledge to integrate our processes smoothly into each project. As a result, we increase efficiency, improve speed to market, resolve stakeholder concerns, streamline complex project delivery issues, successfully implement technologies, maximize scope within cost constraints, and create lasting value for your enterprise.

WorkingBuildings focuses on specialized services that apply to all facilities in a built environment. Regardless of your facility type, WorkingBuildings offers the solution. The core services offered by WorkingBuildings are Commissioning; Existing Building Commissioning; Sustainability Solutions; Energy Solutions; Laboratory  Compliance, Operations, and Staffing; Facility Maintenance; Security Consulting; and generalized building support services.

As we have expanded and grown, we have organized The WorkingBuildings Companies into 6 divisions, each focusing on their specific expertise.


We are dedicated to delivering buildings that work.
Our promise is to lead you through the big picture while we focus on the details.