Building Commissioning

Our team of experienced building commissioning professionals provides a proven quality management process to represent your needs, verify compliance, and prevent project delivery degradation. Our team will customize our building commissioning program to the specific needs of your project. Whether a new construction or an existing facility, our building commissioning engineers, architects and technicians have the expertise to ensure that your facility meets your project performance requirements and operates as intended from day one.

WorkingBuildings has provided building commissioning services for a wide variety of facility types: high containment laboratories, military installations, radar installations, central plants, SCIFs, high security government facilities, data centers, manufacturing plants, campus-wide developments, offices, higher education, and high-rises.

Our building commissioning process begins with establishing a rapport with the project team and creating a collaborative approach to define requirements for project success right from the start. The building commissioning team gathers information regarding the status and goals of your project. One of our first objectives is to provide a building commissioning plan to guide the team throughout the project phases. The commissioning plan follows a sequential process beginning with the program and lasting up to one year after acceptance. We will tailor our building commissioning documentation to your equipment, compliance and validation needs. Being a sequential process, all issues will be resolved prior to moving to the next phase of your project.

Site observations will be conducted, followed by functional testing. Our team can provide O&M documentation and training to assist your staff in preparing for post acceptance occupancy.

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