New Construction

The building commissioning process is key to ensuring that the operational performance requirements for your facility are achieved. This is accomplished through the proper design, construction, installation, maintenance, and operational phase of component-level, systems-level and building-wide integration of complex systems. Incorporating the building commissioning process as a delivery methodology confirms that all systems will perform as intended from day one.

Our process of total building commissioning incorporates all areas of mechanical, electrical, fire/life safety, building control systems, building envelope, pressurization systems, security and specialized equipment.

The WorkingBuildings approach to building commissioning begins in the pre-design phase and continues through occupancy and warranty. Our building commissioning authorities provide a custom building commissioning plan, specifications, functional performance testing procedures, checklists and O&M documentation. Throughout the construction process, WorkingBuildings is on-site to document observations and orchestrate functional testing all of which are stored and accessed by the project team on a web-based, quality management system.

Our commissioning authorities consist of professional engineers, certified commissioning authorities, LEED Accredited Professionals, qualified commissioning professionals and technicians with more than 20 years of individual field experience. Our building commissioning experience includes the following equipment: