Our retro-commissioning process includes investigation, analysis, and breakdown of energy use, identification of O&M issues, working with O&M staff to implement no-cost/low-cost improvements, identifying capital improvements, and reporting findings. Our building commissioning authorities design a custom retro-commissioning program that can include the mechanical, lighting, plumbing, building envelope systems, and other systems unique to your facility.

In our experience of delivering retro-commissioning projects we have found that the key to success is based on three primary factors. The first is a complete understanding of the program intent including the ability to comply with the scheduled deliverables within the existing time frame. Second, contractor productivity, efficiency and integrity must be demonstrated from the moment the Notice to Proceed is given. Last, the team must be flexible and have redundancy and capacity to handle real world circumstances that can occur in the course of retro-commissioning your facility. Having been through this process, we understand these factors and the reason they are so important to the overall project. We have modified our retro-commissioning programs in order to meet the requirements of your program.

Our retro-commissioning program is based on the best practices in the industry that include works by ASHRAE, PECI and US DOE, as well as guidelines written by WorkingBuildings for GSA, National Institute of Building Sciences, Sandia National Laboratories, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.