Sustainability Consulting

WorkingBuildings is highly recognized as one of the most experienced firms in strategic sustainability consulting. We are proud to have provided services for nearly 150 LEED projects with the Green Building Certification Institute. Certifications achieved include gold and platinum as well as our participation in pilot projects for new rating systems for U.S. Green Building Council.

WorkingBuildings is a leader in building performance and building quality assurance. Our mission is to assist building owners, operators, and users to make sure the facilities for which they are responsible:

Our approach to sustainable development and operations is to go beyond meeting the needs of the present, making sure that our comfort today does not diminish the environment of the future.

We practice sustainability through a variety of programs. Our recycling program goes beyond paper and plastic and includes ink and laser toners cartridges, batteries, glass, light bulbs, cell phones, and shoes. Our employees and their families utilize alternate transportation options, such as riding bikes, taking public transit, or driving hybrid vehicles. Many of our employees recycle and compost at home and we encourage our staff to use of Skype and Go-Meeting in lieu of traveling. Finally, our new office space went through a rigorous sustainability design process to achieve LEED Platinum Certification.

We have worked with and advised clients such as Centers for Disease Control, Dell, Emory University, Cousins Realty, the General Services Administration, the US Departments of Energy and Defense, and Duke Energy. Our results have been nationally recognized and lauded, not only by our clients, but professionals throughout the industry. Our results and processes have been published and used as benchmarks for both public and private institutions. Our work has been published in industry journals, presented at conferences, and our monitoring software has been used to track and publish data by several government institutions.

Our professional sustainability consultants fully understand the initiatives that need to be undertaken for an organization to become more resource-conscious and environmentally responsible while maintaining efficient operations. We recognize the importance of creating a healthier and more efficient environment for employees, stakeholders, and the community to enjoy. Sustainability has become key in corporate planning, encompassing numerous aspects of your company’s goals, investments, and services. We provide consulting on sustainable practices for everything including greenhouse gas inventory and compliance, eco-friendly products, community involvement, facility energy planning and reduction, and operations planning.

Sustainability encompasses more than just choosing the right lighting and low-flow water fixtures in a facility. Sustainability includes the real estate portfolio, procurement policies, and employee transportation, just to name a few. Our professionals are able to take all of these points into consideration to deliver a sustainability plan that is supportive of both your budget and the environment. Your sustainability team will develop a sustainability plan and quantitatively demonstrate cost savings while enhancing the built environment and optimizing operations.

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