Building Performance Assessment

We not only assist organizations with new construction projects, we believe that improving the efficiency and indoor environment of existing buildings is just as important.

High Performance

The design and intent of today’s high performance facilities is very complex and requires attention to the smallest detail. Our engineers have commissioned some of the most complex facilities in the world, including data centers, top secret military facilities, and mission-critical laboratories. Our team approaches the facility as a whole, ensuring that all systems work together and that no detail is overlooked. Our systematic approach to documentation captures all facility data and organizes your information in a report that establishes a program for peak operations throughout the life of your facility.

Energy Efficiency

We are proud to be an ENERGY STAR PARTNER. Our consultants will conduct a facility assessment and assist you with the documentation to obtain the ENERGY STAR rating for your facility.

Energy Audits & Retro-commissioning Services
WorkingBuildings provides energy auditing services including ASHRAE audit levels I-III, as well as recommissioning of existing buildings. Our engineers conduct complete facility evaluations and make recommendations according to the Owner’s performance requirements and budgetary requirements. These recommendations may include low or no cost energy savings solutions or can go further to encompass a capital plan for the facility.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Organizations with the reputation for excellent workplace environments reap great benefits in productivity, public image and ability to attract quality personnel. Concern for indoor environmental quality extends to all types of organizations, and the delivery of healthy, fresh ventilation is vital.

Our personnel have extensive experience investigating and troubleshooting building operational issues impacting occupant comfort and health, such as temperature and relative humidity levels, carbon dioxide levels, HVAC systems operation, and air filtration effectiveness. We will provide sampling and diagnostic services for the potential hazards including airborne mold and fungi, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), radon, carbon monoxide, and Legionella.