Green Building Certifications

When looking to obtain a green building certification for your building, there are many programs and rating systems from which you can choose. Our sustainability professionals will walk you through the various programs and rating systems to help you achieve the certification that is right for your region, building type, and sustainability goals.

USGBC LEED Rating System

Currently in the United States, the most used green building certification program is Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Our LEED Accredited Professionals will guide you through the process of selecting the right LEED rating system and targeting credits that are in harmony with your facility and budget. Our philosophy is to fit the LEED rating system to the project in order to avoid pursuing points that may not be in alignment with the budget or intended use of your facility.

We are one of the leading sustainability consultants in the nation, and have active involvement in more than 150 LEED projects. In 2001, we were involved in the certification process for Callaway Gardens’ Southern Pines Conference Center, the first LEED certified business conference center in the Southeastern United States. Because we practice what we preach, we also completed the certification process for our own office space, becoming the first commercial renovation in the state of Georgia to achieve Silver certification in 2005.

We have a perfect track record with helping projects achieve LEED certification. In many cases, we have guided projects to achieve higher levels of certification than originally anticipated with no added cost to the project. Notably we guided Cisco’s Building 6, The Weather Channel High Definition Television Studio, and Cousins Properties’ Terminus 200 to a LEED certification level of Gold, when all three projects initially hoped only to achieve the Certified level. We are proud to state that on these projects, and several others, we have achieved every credit targeted by the project team, with no credits being denied during the review process. This experience provides our team critical insights into the challenges you may face with this endeavor.

Other Green Building Programs

When other programs may better suit your organization’s needs, our green building experts will guide you through the options and green building certification systems, such as Green Globes, BOMA BESt, and EarthCraft. We will ensure that your green expectations and goals are met.