Carbon Reduction

Whether your organization is participating in a voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) program or registry, or is affected by reporting mandates and regulations, our sustainability team will guide you through the process of quantifying emissions, setting reduction goals and tracking your progress against those goals. We are constantly tuned-in to the progression of Federal and local legislation, and will ensure that your organization remains compliant and up to date with all applicable standards for GHG emissions reporting. By understanding your organization’s needs and overall sustainability goals, we can assist you in selecting the right program for your organization and successfully completing a transparent and comprehensive inventory.

We will share our knowledge and experience to help you better understand and communicate program requirements and targets. We will assist you in identifying emission sources, setting organizational boundaries, and gathering emissions data. Because we understand that GHG emissions data can be gathered from a variety of sources, we have developed CxAlloy GHG to house all of your emissions data in one centralized location.

CxAlloy GHG is an online database that hosts your emissions data, as well as other key sustainability metrics important to your organization. With customizable reporting and an online “dashboard,” you can easily share your organization’s goals and progress.