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CxAlloy® is cloud-based software that ensures building quality from laying the foundation through daily operations.


CxAlloy was originally developed out of our desire to better manage our commissioning projects. Our founding principals realized that in order to deliver a better commissioning product we would have to start from the ground up creating a solution that wasn't currently offered in the marketplace. We implemented CxAlloy on all our projects; subsequently, our customers began asking whether they could use the same tools, and after getting the question enough times we realized we could bring something of real value to the industry. In 2011 and 2012 our CxAlloy teams rebuilt both CxAlloy TQ and CxAlloy FM to be used by a wider audience.

Today, CxAlloy operates as it's own independent entity and we are proud to call ourselves a customer.

CxAlloy TQ

Commissioning Software that Integrates with BIM

Tracking and monitoring deficiencies is one of the most defining tasks of any commissioning project. CxAlloy Total Quality (TQ) was designed with checks and balances designed into its functionality. The project team and Owner’s representatives are designated with access to all commissioning records and documented issues for the facility. Each facility has the option to build a customized database for functional test results, commissioning plans, site observations, equipment information, and other project data that can be accessed from any Internet location in the world. This data can be downloaded into an existing facility maintenance program or can be maintained as a lifecycle maintenance tool for the life of the facility. The functional test archives and facility information can provide the basis for continuous commissioning of each facility.

CxAlloy FM

Simple and Intuitive Facility Maintenance

This Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) combines traditional work order management with asset tracking and an easy interface. Users can manage key areas with visual interfaces to track work orders, requests, labor, and money spent. Users can increase productivity with automatic scheduling and custom workflows that will match your current workflows. Data gathered from CxAlloy TQ can easily be imported into CxAlloy FM.

For more information regarding these services please email: Jacob Terry

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