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Hazardous Drug (HD) Exposure + Risk Management

Within Patient Care Areas

With the publication of USP <800> and enforcement as of December 2019, it is critical that your Health System is equipped to ensure ongoing and sustainable compliance for managing hazardous drugs (HD). USP 800 applies to all healthcare personnel who handle hazardous drug preparations and any entity that stores, prepares, transports, or administers HDs. Pharmacy and Nursing personnel are the most common staff that are exposed to hazardous drugs and many healthcare facilities have already taken extensive steps to protecting these clinical staff members during preparation and administration activities.

Once the hazardous drug leaves the pharmacy, the number of staff potentially exposed increases and the types of exposure may be more difficult to control. Patient-care activity exposures such as handling and cleaning body fluids and body fluid contaminated clothing, dressings, linens, and bed pans also pose a great threat of hazardous drug exposure to both clinical and non-clinical team members.

Has your healthcare facility addressed how staff, such as nursing assistants and environmental services team members, should protect themselves from hazardous drug exposure as a result of these patient-care and routine cleaning activities?

Our program specifically focuses on partnering with healthcare facilities to tailor a program to protect your staff who handle HD-contaminated supplies resulting from patient-care activities and cleaning. Our team of experts will conduct a full gap analysis identifying exposure risks in patient care areas. After identifying areas of risk, we will work with your leadership and front line staff to develop SOPs, create a plan for HD-environmental wipe testing, patient care area cleaning, disposal of body fluid and HD-contaminated supplies, and staff education.

The risks of occupational exposure to hazardous drugs are well documented and it is up to Health System leadership to protect their team members and keep them safe. We look forward to working with you on your journey towards USP <800> compliance and staff protection.

For more information regarding these services please email: Sarah Moore

Services Include:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Risk identification
  • SOP Development + Training
  • Wipe Testing
  • Patient Care Area Cleaning
  • Contamination Disposal
  • Training