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Our planet has entered an era of unprecedented natural resource challenges and opportunities that require businesses and governments to make systemic shifts in the way they operate. Working with both governmental and nongovernmental organizations, the Sustainability Solutions division of WorkingBuildings understands how to rise to these challenges, and use these opportunities to create a better world for both current and future generations.

Sustainability Solutions defines sustainability challenges, and develops response solutions to minimize the impact of facilities on the environment, and to maximize the stewardship of the resources at hand. Our associates deliver sustainable solutions for all building types, and understand that sustainability measures vary by geographic region. Our team consistently delivers sustainable solutions that meet the needs of the present generation without impacting the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Our solutions work towards not only minimizing our impact on the environment, but towards creating a restorative system that reverses prior damage.

We have adopted an extremely practical approach to sustainability projects. We understand that every project has the potential to be sustainable. But every project has constraints in budget, location, and intended program, and each one of these may inhibit a client’s ability to achieve sustainability for their structures.

We focus on innovation, leadership, and action. As unique challenges in the sustainable building environment arise, we meet those challenges head-on to develop creative solutions to take our projects to new, sustainable frontiers. We deliver sustainable solutions for every building type, region and budget. Our adaptability has helped to establish us as leaders in the worldwide push for sustainability.

Sustainability Resource Management Regenerative Planning

Our Sustainability team offers strategic guidance for conservation and regenerative initiatives in the built environment. Our consultants guide project teams through the process of delivering more resource-conscious, energy-efficient buildings. We take a practical approach to environmental issues surrounding our projects, and our goal is to help projects move as far down a sustainable path as the program and budget allow. In this manner, we not only serve as sustainability consultants, but also provide sustainability program management.

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We've worked closely with LEED, BREAM, ENERGY STAR, Green Seal, and the Living Building Challenge

We have received recognition from US Green Building Certification for our sustained track record of high-quality project submissions.

We are identified as a leader in the LEED Project Administrator role.

Our projects receive a streamlined and truncated LEED certification process.