Emory University Hospital


Project Description

Emory University Hospital’s new J-Wing tower is a nine-story facility that features 210 inpatient beds. The tower also features operating rooms, airborne isolation spaces, and a USP <797> compliant pharmacy. The J-Wing is built on an underground, four-level parking deck. In addition, J-Wing involved a phased turnover with staff and patients occupying floors of the building while construction and functional testing continued on other floors. We worked with Emory Healthcare’s staff, ES&H personnel, and the contractors to ensure patient safety was never compromised.

Our scope also included commissioning a three-generator emergency power system with 13 automatic transfer switches and paralleling switchgear. We conducted performance testing on the following critical spaces:

  • Airborne infection isolation rooms
  • Operating rooms
  • Pharmacy (USP <797>)

The project included a central utility plant that includes three (3) centrifugal chillers and one (1) heat-pump chiller. The heating water system utilized two (2) heating loops in series, each with a 30˚F delta T. This design lowered the heating water return water temperature and allowed the heat pump chiller to operate in an efficient manner.


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Size: 460,000 SF

Status: Complete

Services: Commissioning and USP <797> compliance

Features: 3 generator emergency power, 12 automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, Airborne infection isolation rooms, Operating rooms, Pharmacy (USP <797>),