National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association National Water Center


Project Description

WorkingBuildings provided total building commissioning services for this new facility. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association’s new National Water Center will be a hub of integrated water prediction and forecasting for the federal government. Located at the University of Alabama, this facility is the first ever clearing house for research and operational forecasting for all water-related matters. Beginning in the early stages of the design process, we worked in concert with the design/build team and NOAA to review and comment on the interior building systems, as well as the building enclosure components. This new collaborative center provides an unprecedented opportunity to improve federal coordination in the water sector to address future water resource challenges, such as water security, and analysis and prediction of hydrologic extremes, like droughts and floods.


Location: New York, New York

Size: 65,000 SF

Status: Ongoing

Services: Commissioning and Building Envelope/Enclosure

Features: Central Plant, Chillers, Boilers, Laboratory Spaces, Cleanrooms, and Data Center