California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory

University of California - Davis

Project Description

WorkingBuildings provided laboratory programming and commissioning services for the University of California - Davis to assist with the conceptualization and feasibility of the new veterinary lab.

The CAHFS Laboratory System is the backbone of California’s warning system that helps to protect the health of California’s livestock and poultry. CAHFS serves the people of California by safeguarding public health with rapid and reliable diagnosis for animal diseases common to animals and humans, as well as food borne pathogens. CAHFS operates in partnership with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), UC Davis, veterinarians, livestock and poultry producers. In addition, food based surveillance is provided throughout California by CAHFS for all foreign animal diseases not currently found in the United States.


Location: University of California - Davis

Size: 36,000 SF

Status: Complete

Services: Commissioning, Laboratory Programming

Features: Office/Administrative, BSL-2 Wet Laboratories, BSL-2E Animal Pathology, Large and Small Animal Necropsy, “Clean” Tissue Culture