Project Description

WorkingBuildings developed a comprehensive fundamental and enhanced commissioning program for Chick-fil-A. Currently, we are the sole commissioning provider, and have provided commissioning services for 100+ new locations throughout the country.

WorkingBuildings’ customized commissioning program:

  • Architectural/MEP design suggestions to help improve energy and customer comfort
  • Substantial energy reduction by confirming proper operation of RTU’s, controller programming and specifically the economize mode
  • Uncovering many lighting issues and assisting with resolving them with the electrical contractor
  • The only team qualified to properly confirm system setup and proper testing of all MEP equipment
  • Operational instruction to the store manager during pre-occupancy on MEP systems
  • Instruction to store manager during warranty review if issues exist
  • Confirmation of emergency lighting and other safety items
  • Provide informational services regarding LEED certification and assistance with flush out on and off site


Location: Multiple Locations

Size: 175,000 SF

Status: Ongoing

Services: Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning