The Fabulous Fox Theater

Project Description

The Fox Theatre is an Atlanta landmark. The building is 250,000 square feet and consists of eight levels. The seating capacity of the main theatre is approximately 4,678 people. The original air conditioning system installed at the time of the building’s construction in 1929 was an ammonia-based refrigeration/air washer system and was replaced by the present centrifugal water chiller installed in 1946.

WorkingBuildings provided commissioning services for the new 270-ton centrifugal, water-cooled chiller in the existing central cooling plant. Additionally, WorkingBuildings developed a strategic plan of action for achieving The Fox Theatre’s Sustainable Vision. The Fox team’s dedication to their role as stewards of the historic theatre and the environment compelled the team to assess existing practices


Location: Atlanta, GA

Size: 250,000 SF

Status: Complete

Services: Commissioning and Sustainability Consulting

Features: Concert hall, historic building