NCR Headquarters

Spring and 8th

Project Description

WorkingBuildings is providing commissioning services and LEED consulting for this new corporate campus, located in Midtown Atlanta. Phase Two is currently underway, and Phase One was completed and awarded LEED CS v2009 Platinum.

Phase One is a 21 story high-rise commercial office. The combination of captured rainwater and a de-watering system that cleans contaminated groundwater offsets 100% of the municipal potable water otherwise used for landscaping irrigation, plumbing fixtures, and cooling systems. A rooftop garden provides a natural respite for the building occupants in this dense urban location while also reducing heat island effect. Energy efficient design reduced the building’s energy needs and an on-site photovoltaic array offsets electricity consumption.


Location: Atlanta, GA

Size: 543,422 SF

Status: Phase 1 Complete, Phase 2 Ongoing

Services: Commissioning and LEED Consulting

Features: Rooftop garden, water-cooled chiller, air-cooled chiller, sensorless technology pumps, rainwater and de-watering systems

This project is the first to achieve Certified LEED Platinum Core & Shell in Georgia