New Jersey Public Health Environmental and Agriculture Laboratory

Project Description

WorkingBuildings was retained by the State of New Jersey to provide base-building commissioning services for the New Jersey Public Health, Environmental and Agriculture Laboratory. As the facility neared completion, the State of New Jersey asked WorkingBuildings to provide move coordination, turnover, and Operations and Maintenance.

WorkingBuildings is currently providing Operations and Maintenance for the facility and laboratories. We provide a full staff of building engineers to operate and maintain this facility. Our compliance personnel ensure that all medical surveillance and training is current. We also observe and verify that training is performed on all commissioned systems.

The building features a mechanical penthouse, administrative/office space, a BSL-2 laboratory with support services, BSL-3 laboratories, and building support space.


Location: Ewing, New Jersey

Size: 200,000 SF

Status: Ongoing

Services: Commissioning, SOP Development, Operations & Maintenance, and Move Coordination

Features: BSL-3, Vivarium, Insectory, Herbarium, and Large Animal Necropsy Space