University of South Alabama

Laboratory of Infectious Diseases

Project Description

WorkingBuildings provided Owner’s representative services, SOP development, and commissioning services during the repairs of University of South Alabama’s new Laboratory of Infectious Diseases. After the completion of the repairs, WorkingBuildings provided transitional services to ensure that the new facility transitions into operation smoothly and with appropriate staff training. Our team also provided CDC/Select Agent Registration; Health and Safety Training; and SOP Development.

This facility has separate BSL-2 and BSL-3 research space, speeding the pace of research by creating space for both requirements. This laboratory will also serve as a resource for the university research community through the inclusion of ABSL-3 space. This project was funded by an ARRA grant via the NIH.


Location: Mobile, Alabama

Size: 26,000 SF

Status: Complete

Services: Owner’s Representative Firm, SOP Development, Commissioning, and Transitional Services

Features: BSL-3 for Tier 1 Select Agent Program, BSL-2 Laboratories, Vivarium, and Office Space