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WB | Transitional Operations

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A consistent drawback of the traditional design/construction process of delivering complex facilities is the inevitable “mad rush” at the end to turn over the facility. As a result of these limitations, the new facility is occupied without the existing facilities staff having a full understanding of the facility.

Transitional Operations can be the stopgap to allow the existing facilities operations staff to become familiar with the new facility while not having to dedicate the full staff requirements. Our transitional operations team learns the facility, develops procedures, oversees the outlying construction and warranty issues, and passes this collective knowledge to your facilities staff.

Our scalable O+M model goes above and beyond traditional turnover providing standard operating procedures, budgets, and preventive maintenance programs. We are staffed with interdisciplinary experts with decades of operations and maintenance experience in clean rooms; aseptic processing; bio-containment; cGMP; regulated medical manufacturing; pharmaceutical; and mission critical industries.

WB | Transitional Team: provide all on-site operational staffing, including:

  • Full-time employees for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing operation and maintenance
  • Management of external subcontractors including housekeeping, janitorial, BAS, landscaping, and security
  • Management and coordination of regulatory compliance activities and documentation.

Staff Training and Program Development: provide on-site training and operational support to your operations team for a pre-determined time period. Services include:

  • Current staff assessments
  • Job plan development
  • New hire recruitment and training
  • Subcontracting plans, RFQ, and vendor selections
  • Standard operating procedure (SOP) development
  • Environmental health and safety programs
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Emergency response plans
  • Regulatory compliance program development

On-Going Operational Support: provide periodic site visits to support:

  • Operations and maintenance planning and compliance
  • Analyze and correct operational issues
  • Confirm regulatory compliance requirements
  • Trend analysis
  • Remote alarm monitoring
  • Root-cause analysis and corrective action plans

  • For more information regarding these services please email: here

Services Include:

  • Operational Mandates
  • Risk Mitigation
  • GAP Analysis
  • BAS Analysis
  • Identify Deficiencies
  • Equipment Analysis
  • Track Open Issues
  • Issue Resolution
  • Repair Coordination
  • Warranty Analysis
  • Real Property Inventory
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • SOPs
  • Train O+M Staff
  • CMMS Integration
  • Commissioning
  • Construction Management
  • Validate Regulatory Compliance
  • Monitor Operations
  • System Optimization

Project Examples

New Jersey Public Health Environmental and Agriculture Laboratory

New Jersey Public Health Environmental and Agriculture Laboratory

WorkingBuildings was retained by the State of New Jersey to provide base-building commissioning services for the New Jersey Public Health, Environmental and Agriculture Laboratory. As the facility neared completion, the State of New Jersey asked WorkingBuildings to provide move coordination, turnover, and Operations and Maintenance.

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University of South Alabama Laboratory of Infectious Diseases

University of South Alabama Laboratory of Infectious Diseases

WorkingBuildings provided Owner’s representative services, SOP development, and commissioning services during the repairs of University of South Alabama’s new Laboratory of Infectious Diseases. After the completion of the repairs, WorkingBuildings provided transitional services to ensure...

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Duke University

Duke University

The Clinical Division of WorkingBuildings is providing a wide range of operational and ongoing compliance services at the Duke University Carolinas Cord Public Blood Bank, and the Duke University Robertson Cell Therapy CGMP Manufacturing Center.

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